Child Support

In the event of divorce, or a child born to unmarried parents, Florida law provides for the payment of child support, which covers food, clothing and shelter. The amount of support is set by Statute, and the support calculation is based upon the relative income of the parties, as well as the amount of timesharing for each parent. Other factors, such as daycare expenses and health insurance, may be taken into account when calculating child support. Child support is mandatory in Florida, and although it is calculated based upon timesharing, non-payment of child support is not a reason to withhold timesharing.

They are separate, enforceable rights. Even in the case where a parent has not had contact with the child, the Court will calculate child support going forward, and in many cases, retroactively. If past child support is due, the party owing child support will be able to pay the past due incrementally over a period of time, along with the continuing child support. Child support is calculated on a monthly basis, but can be paid monthly or weekly. The statute provides that support will be paid through the support disbursement unit, and support can be deducted from the paying party's paycheck. Lisa Lazan can help you navigate your child support issues.